Introducing our third and inventive Bird-Day Volume III, created in collaboration with Pelican alumni Jason Schoneman of Steel Toe Brewing. Pelican partnered up with this Mid-West native to conceive an entirely new beer style to celebrate Pelican’s 25th Birthday! Introducing our Hopwine Style Ale, a triple dry-hopped sparkling ale that delivers the ABV strength of wine, fruity and fun aromatics derived from three different varieties of hops, and low bitterness creating a tactile sensation that may remind you of tannins in wine. This experimental journey between Darron and Jason showcases both their passion and drive to create new and exciting beers for all to enjoy. Cheers to 25 years of beer exploration!

  • 10%
  • 45
  • 21°
  • Ingredients:

    Pilsner Malt, Cane Sugar, Tango Hops, Nelson Sauvin Hops, Bru-1 Hops, Pure Ale Yeast, Pure Coastal Water

    • Aromas of Berries and Pear
    • Vibrant, Intense Hop Character
    • Hints of Tropical Pineapple, and Passionfruit
    • Subtle Bitterness and Shocking Drinkability