Our final installation of the Bird-Day series welcomes Hutch Kugeman from the Brewery at the Culinary Institute of America back to the Pelican nest. Bringing a foodie sensibility and years of brewing knowledge to Bird-Day Volume IV, Hutch and Darron have created an innovative recipe that integrates dark fruity aromas, deep caramel notes and earthy Ancho chilis to create its flavor complexity, while adding a little tingle of spiciness to the warming finish. With a few well-chosen ingredients, a careful emphasis on process, Bird-Day Volume IV epitomizes a culinary approach—balancing distinct yet harmonious flavors while creating an intriguing depth of flavor.

  • 8.7%
  • 25
  • 19.5°
  • Ingredients:

    Two-Row Malt, DRC Mallt, Midnight Wheat Malt, D2 Candi Syrup, Fuggle Hops, Ancho Chilis, Pure Ale Yeast, Pure Coastal Water

    • Deep Brown Color
    • Caramel and Cocoa-like Aroma
    • Earthy and Fruity Ancho Character
    • Warming Tingle Spice in the Finish