Our third Lone Pelican release, Jamaicito, takes refreshing lager to a whole new realm. Take one look at this beer's hot pink color and you'll know immediately that this is not your average light lager. With clean, noble hops and classic lager malt as the basis, we’ve layered an infusion of hibiscus flowers, aromatic mint and tangy lime. Let the aromas of citrus zest, floral hops and hibiscus blossoms float serenely over a clean, biscuity malt foundation. Then, take in the Herbaceous mint flavors that combine beautifully with lime tartness and an ever so slight sweet aftertaste. With a finish that is effervescent and refreshing, Jamaicito will leave you feeling in the pink!

  • 4.8%
  • 15
  • 10.5°
  • Ingredients:

    Pilsner malt, Tettnanger hops, Hibiscus flowers, lime peel, mint leaves, pure coastal water, pure lager yeast

    • Floral, Minty, Lime, Tart Flavor
    • Mild, Herbal Notes
    • Citrus Aroma
    • Light, Crisp Body