No, we didn’t hijack the ice cream truck for this Orange Zest India Pale Ale, and no cows were harmed either! Taking inspiration from the tangerine and vanilla-like notes of Lotus and Eldorado hops, we designed this beer in collaboration with our good friends at Comrade Brewing to highlight these classic flavors. To further enhance the flavor impression, we added a bountiful dose of orange zest for a bright punch of flavor. These refreshing seasonal flavors offer waves of nostalgia with every sip.

  • 6.2%
  • 45
  • 14°
  • Ingredients:

    Two-Row Malt, Flaked Barley, C60, Lotus Hops, El Dorado Hops, Magnum Hops, Orange Zest, Pure Ale Yeast, Pure Coastal Water

    • Bright Citrus Aroma
    • Tangerine and Vanilla-like Notes
    • Zesty and Refreshing