The swells of the sea live just behind the crashing waves–smoother and crisper, some would say. With this swell of inspiration, Superswell was born, perfectly balanced and refreshing but with an extra intensity of flavor and ABV to warm up after an evening of adventure. This Double Pilsner is the ideal crossroad for Pilsner and IPA drinkers alike, meeting in the middle with clean and firm bitterness but with the sweet and toasty biscuit flavors and crispy finish you have to come to know and love from the Pelican lineup. Enjoy this beer during your backyard BBQ, after a swell day of camping, a great biking trip, or a day out on the water. Superswell is guaranteed to add a super snappy finish to the end of any day.

  • 7.4%
  • 60
  • 17°
  • Ingredients:

    Pilsner Malt, Dextapils Malt, Hersbrucker Hops, Magnum Hops, Mt Hood Hops, Pure Lager Yeast, Pure Coastal Water

    • Spicy and Herbal Hop Notes
    • Sweet, Toasty Biscuit Flavors
    • Assertive, Clean Bitterness
    • Super Snappy, Refreshing Finish