Pacific NW Day

Date: February 17 - February 18
Time: 11:00am - 12:00am

Celebrate San Francisco Beer Week at Mikkeller Bar!

This event features beers from Oregon along with beers cellared over the previous year for this specific event. This is an all-day, all out party to celebrate beer week, we hope to tap 55 sixtel kegs throughout the day, as one kicks we will tap another great beer. This is a preliminary beer list, it will have adjustments and additions of beers as we receive them. We will be holding back a few special beers not named here for special tappings throughout the day. Perennial was nice enough to send out a Barrel Aged Abraxas to kick things off. Doors open at 11 but there is enough special beer so that no matter what time you come it will be a blast.

Alesong Kind Of Blue
Ale Apothecary El Cuatro
Boneyard Booze Gueuze
Boneyard Snow worries
Caldera Broken Auger (Wild Ale w/ Black Currants)
Caldera Old Growth Bourbon Barrel Aged Ed.
Cantillon Kriek
Cascade Figaro
Cascade Midnight Bramble
Cascade Sang Royal
Cascade Vlad The Imp.
Crux Barrel Aged Tough Love
Crux Krystal Juice
Crux Wild Farmhouse
Deschutes Abyss 2015
Flat Tail Dam Wild Cuvee Raspberry
Flat Tail Dam Wild Peaches and Cream
Founders CBS
Gigantic Pipewrench
Gigantic Scrilla
Hannsens Oudbeitje
Hannsens Experimental Cassis
Harviestoun 10th Anniversary Ola Dubh aged 2 years Highland Park
Jackie O’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Champion Ground
Jester King Spon Blueberry
JW Lees Harvest Willoughby Port Ed. 2016
Logdson Peche n Brett
Logsdon Kriek Vier
Modern Times Vanilla Bourbon Barrel Aged Monsters Park
Mikkeller SpontanCherryFramboos
Mikkeller Bourbon Barrel Aged Cocoa Shake
Mikkeller Spotanseabuckthorn
Nøgne Ø Eternal Rest
OEC Artistia Beersyllabus
OEC Clavis Purpura
Pelican Beak Bender
Pelican Fathers of all Tsunamis Bourbon Ed.
Perennial Barrel Aged Abraxas
Prairie Barrel Aged Bomb
Schneider 2009 Vintage Eisbock (Gravity Pour Firkin)
Sante Andrius Full Hands In
Tilquin Gueuze
Upright Red Flannel

Mikkeller Bar

34 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94102