Just like the sun breaking through the clouds on a brisk coastal winter day, this seasonal release flies in the face of convention. Cold Coast, our rich golden-yellow colored Cascadian Pilsner bursts with a spicy hop-forward and floral aroma that is uniquely Northwest in character. Distinctively crisp and invigorating, this seasonal lager radiates a glowing sweet citrus flavor that finishes with soothing warmth. So whether you’re hiking the beach or tromping the woods, we recommend you always keep your down jacket and a Cold Coast Cascadian Pilsner close at hand.

  • 7%
  • 50
  • 16°
  • Ingredients:

    two-row malt, Munich malt, Magnum hops, Meridian hops, Santiam hops, Sterling hops, pure local water, pure lager yeast

    • Bright Copper Color
    • Citrusy, Tropical Hop Aroma
    • Rich, Toasty Malt
    • Satisfying Hoppy Finish