Born at the Beach

Shaped by the Beach

Pelican Brewing Company was born at the beach in Pacific City in 1996. Here, in front of a rundown old building at the water’s edge, stood three enthusiastic young folks whose thirst for great beer overshadowed their understanding of what it would take to build a brewery. They did it anyway. And now twenty years later, older, and wiser, Pelican Brewing Company is a craft beer industry leader with fans throughout the Northwest and around the world. Today we’ve taken our breweries and our values to other Oregon coastal towns where we wake up each day in a place that reminds us that amazing is possible. Cheers fellow fanatics. This is as good as it gets.

A Balance of Work and Play

Our people work hard. Really, hard. Because when the work is done, everyone knows it’ll be time to come out and play surrounded by magnificent natural beauty with the friends who value it every bit as much as we do. We fish, we surf, we hike, we bike. We just kick back and tell stories to one another. And when we get up each morning, we face the new day refreshed with enthusiasm for the work we love. Want to join us?

Respect for Our Craft

We don’t put a lot of stock in fads. Authenticity and proven results are the traits we put at the top of our list, and we staff our breweries with people who share these same beliefs. Whether we’re searching out the perfect hops for an intriguing new seasonal or sourcing local seafood for our daily fresh sheet, we focus on paying attention to even the tiniest detail. And the outcome is definitely working. How else could we explain being recognized with over 300 prestigious beer and culinary awards? View all awards

  • 2014
    Champion Small Brewery
  • 2013
    Large Brewpub Brewer of Year
  • 2012
    Champion Small Int'l Brewery
  • 2012
    Champion Large Brewpub
  • 2008
    Champion Large Brewpub
  • 2006
    Large Brewpub of the Year
  • 2005
    Small Brewpub of the Year
  • 2005
    Champion Int'l Brewery

Core Values

We believe it’s important to stand for something. It’s about being guided by a set of values we hold dear—a way of doing business so that everyone we touch already knows what to expect. We are proud to say these are the standards that you can expect from us.

These days "quality" is an over-used word and has lost a lot of true meaning. So we choose to pose the same sentiment in different words. This core value is about making certain we’re delivering the very best that can be humanly done.

"Fresh" can have a lot of different meanings, but they’re all related to pleasing our five senses. Looks fresh, tastes fresh, smells fresh, feels fresh…and even sounds fresh (think of the sound of fizz in your glass). We measure everything in fresh.

We know we are more than lucky to live and work in a place as beautiful as this. Believe us when we say we don’t take any of this for granted. Our new Five Fin West Coast Pilsner, launched in Fall 2016, is named for the five ocean-going species of fish that benefit from the Salmon SuperHwy Project, a comprehensive effort working to reconnect ocean-going fish species with their spawning habitat. As long-time advocates for this amazing place, Pelican Brewing Company donates a portion of proceeds from every barrel of Five Fin to the Salmon SuperHwy Project. To learn more about our sustainability initiatives, check out our efforts here.

As humans, we may live in the moment, but those moments are always with us—packed away in our hearts ready to retrieve on demand. At a party, lunching with a friend, alone on a beach—wherever/whenever you call on them, we aim to make Pelican Brewing Company memories to be among your favorite ones.