After a heart-pumping ascent of the sandy slopes of the Great Dune of Cape Kiwanda, reward your thirst with the potent hop flavors of Dune Climber. This West Coast Hazy IPA pairs well with sandy shoes and breathless panoramic views, and is the perfect prize after you climb 240 ft of vertical sand to the top of our epic coastal dune. This isn’t your average beach walk, and this is not your average beer–bringing you layers of aromas and notes of resiny pine, tropical citrus, and heaps of dankness from the ultimate hop blend of Strata, Simcoe and Idaho 7. Dune Climber finishes with a pleasant bitterness and soft mouthfeel from a hefty dose of rustic Spelt Malt, making it worth every step to the top, for whatever mountain you choose to climb.

  • 6.4%
  • 55
  • 15°
  • Ingredients:

    Pilsner Malt, Spelt Malt, Strata Hops, Simcoe Hops, Idaho 7 Hops, Pure Kveik Yeast, Pure Coastal Water

    • Aromas of Passionfruit and Red Grapefruit
    • Notes of Resiny Pine and Tangy Dankness
    • Potent Hop Flavors
    • Pleasant Bitterness