As summer makes its comeback, our beloved pelicans navigate their way from the balmy shores of Mexico back to the Oregon Coast, bringing along the vibrant essence of sunny days south of the border. To commemorate their return, our Pelican brewers created this seasonal beer – Pelicano Extra! Drawing inspiration from the lagers of Latin America, this brew embodies the quintessential taste of summertime, featuring a remarkably crisp hop aroma and an invigoratingly spicy hop finish. Encased in clear glass bottles, Pelicano Extra! delivers satisfying refreshment you can see.

  • 5%
  • 18
  • 11.5°
  • Ingredients:

    Six-Row Malt, Flaked Corn, Tettnanger
    Hops, pure lager yeast, pure coastal

    • Ultra-refreshing
    • Floral and Spicy Hops
    • Straw Color
    • Clean Finish
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