Conceived from the great minds of the Pelican Brewers, Sparkle Hops was born as the perfect non-alcoholic, thirst-quenching refresher. Not just any seltzer, this hop-infused sparkling water adds an extra zip with every sip. The bold Citra hops deliver citrusy notes of hop character paired with a zing of lemon in the finish, balanced perfectly with bubbly carbonation to elevate the thirst-quenching experience. When day drinking just isn’t an option, this refreshing hop-infused beverage is perfect on your lunch break to stay clear-minded between your adrenaline-packed adventures or mix it up and create the perfect craft-brewed hop cocktail. Now you can have your hops and drink them too!

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  • Ingredients:

    Carbonated Water, Citra Hops, Lemon Puree

    • Citrusy Hop Character
    • Subtle Lemony Zing
    • Bubbly Carbonation
    • Non-Alcoholic