Conceived from the creative minds of the Pelican Brewers, Sparkle Hops is the perfect non-alcoholic thirst-quenching refresher. Not just any seltzer, this hop infused sparkling water adds an extra zip with every sip. The classic herbal and floral aromas from Willamette hops set up the succulent fresh flavors of tart cherry in the finish. Ideal for a day spent in your own backyard or adventuring on the trails of the Pacific Northwest. Sparkle Hops hits the spot anywhere, anytime with the hops you crave and flavors you love.

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  • Ingredients:

    Carbonated Water, Tart Cherry Concentrate, Willamette Hops, Citric Acid

    • Herbal, floral hops
    • Succulent tart cherry
    • Bubbly carbonation
    • Non-alcoholic