Featuring Coren Tradd and Scott Mohr of Pelican Brewing Company and Chris Otis of Homegrown Brewing

What happens when you pair a nano-brewery and large production brewery together? You get the perfect summertime IPA bursting with big tropical fruity flavors and citrus zest. For Pelican’s third beer in this year’s Coastal Collaboration series, we partnered with Homegrown Public House and Brewery in Florence, Oregon.

“This beer was fun to create with the homegrown Public House and Brewery team because our breweries are at different stages,” says Coren Tradd, Pelican Brewing R&D Brewer. “But when you get down to it, it’s about a group of brewers passionate about brewing beer and supporting our coastal communities.”

To create the perfect summertime IPA, Pelican and Homegrown used a new innovative thiolized yeast to “unlock” the bound thiols in the malt and hops to create a golden-colored IPA overflowing with notes of passionfruit, pink guava, and citrus zest. Together, they loaded the mash with hops to punch up the hop experience to the next level.

Additionally, 100% of the proceeds of this beer go directly to Children’s Repertory of Oregon Workshop (C.R.O.W.), a non-profit that provides high-quality professional arts opportunities to children and adults in a rural coastal region with otherwise limited access.

“Breweries have a different standard of care for their communities. It’s part of their due diligence to support the community they are in,” says Co-owner Elaine McMillan of Homegrown. “To partner with Pelican on this beer and have the proceeds of this beer go back to C.R.O.W. is very meaningful to us and the city of Florence. The arts and access to them are necessary to create inclusive and welcoming communities for all.”

Pelican’s year-long commitment to creating positive change in our coastal communities continues with the release of Coastal Collaboration Volume III, a Summer I.P.A. with Homegrown Public House and Brewery. This ideal summer day beer is available in 500 mL bottles at your local bottle shop and on draft at Homegrown Public House and Pelican Brewpubs.