Featuring Brewmaster Darron Welch of Pelican Brewing Company and Brewmaster James Smith of Arch Rock Brewing Company

It is time to taste something new, discover Coastal Collaboration Volume IV a unique beer-wine hybrid conceived by the minds of two brewmasters as they explore the marriage of hops and grapes. Sip in layers of complexity and fruitful wonders as we celebrate a year of giving back to our coastal communities.

For the fourth and final installment of our Coastal Collaboration series, Coastal Collaboration Volume IV, our Pelican Brewing Brewmaster Darron Welch joined forces with Arch Rock Brewing Brewmaster James Smith to create a unique beer-wine hybrid. The brewers envisioned a complex yet drinkable beer with layers of fruity flavors from the Riesling grapes and a smooth finish.

100% of the proceeds of this beer go directly to Snack Pack, a non-profit in Gold Beach, Oregon that helps provide meals to children in need.

Collaboration brews provide an opportunity for brewers to create together. While ideating for the collaboration brew, it became evident that both brewers were passionate about the idea of creating a beer-wine hybrid. The first step was to select a beer style that could lend itself to the complimentary characteristics of the fruit. Darron and James decided that a Maibock – a German style beer – would be an ideal candidate to blend. The next step was to select the grapes from which to harvest fresh pressed juice. In homage to the German style beer and the selected German hops and malts, Darron and James selected a German variety of grapes, Riesling.

This beer called for a third partner and we found an amazing collaborator in Elk Cove Vineyards. Upon hearing about the giveback component for this beer, Elk Cove Vineyards graciously donated the Riesling for this project. The time spent at Elk Cove Vineyards while gathering the Riesling juice provided the final touches for this project.


Thank you to all who have joined us in drinking our different brews from our Coastal Collaboration series and supporting the communities of the Oregon Coast. Head to one of our Coastal Brewpubs to try our fourth and final Coastal Collaboration beer – Coastal Collaboration Volume IV.