Pelican Brewing Company and Sunriver Brewing Company collaborate to create Brute Lupes, a spritzy Brut IPA with fruit
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Pelican Brewing Company and Sunriver Brewing Company collaborate to create Brute Lupes, a spritzy Brut IPA with fruit

Pelican Brewing Company and Sunriver Brewing Company collaborate to create Brute Lupes, a spritzy Brut IPA with fruit

The multi-award-winning brewers combine their talents to create a champagne-like IPA brewed with Oregon apricots

Pacific City, Oregon (March 7, 2019)— Pelican Brewing Company and Sunriver Brewing Company have teamed up to offer a unique take on an emerging style, the Brut IPA. Introducing Brute Lupes—a light-bodied new small batch brew perfect for a lighter springtime enjoyment. The Brut IPA is available now on draft at Pelican brewpubs and other participating watering holes.

The brewing team added an abundant amount of apricot for a tart, full-flavored balance to the low bitterness and massive hop character of this refreshing, spritzy IPA. The apricot provides a fruity aroma up front, while the hops finish citrusy and grape-like. The light toasty malt characteristics complement the slightly tart apricot flavor and the citrusy hops, while finishing almost champagne-like. This brew is just as satisfying and stunning as the views traveling from the Oregon Coast to the mountainous terrain of Central Oregon.

“We collaborate with brewers we respect and Sunriver Brewing is right up there—the Sunriver team really added to our creative and inventive process to achieve a lighter, springtime beer perfect for transitioning from the big, bold beers of winter,” says Coren Tradd, Pelican brewer who collaborated on the recipe. “Together we settled on adding apricot puree to the Brut IPA to achieve a subtle and highly-drinkable ‘Beerlini.’”

Pilsner malt, Flaked Barley, Apricot Puree, Citra hops, Hallertauer Blanc hops, Meridian hops, pure coastal water, and pure ale yeast combine to create a tart apricot fruitiness with a refreshing citrusy carbonation and notes of ripe stone fruit and white grape reminiscent of a Bellini or Mimosa.

ABV: 6.8%  |  IBU: 35  |  PLATO: 14º

“Since I began in the industry, Pelican has always been my favorite—it’s really an interesting brewery with fantastic creativity,” says Patrick Raasch, head brewer at Sunriver Brewing Company. “It was really fun to step away from my own day-to-day operations and see how other award-winning brewers are innovating. The brewing industry is a collective community and it really brought us together to work with Pelican on this spirited draft.”

Like all Pelican beers, Brute Lupes is born at the beach by a team of award-winning craft beer makers known for brewing styles of beer that they themselves love to drink. Cheers!

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