Pelican Brewing Company brewer honored with 2019 Falconer Foundation Siebel Brewing Scholarship
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Pelican Brewing Company brewer honored with 2019 Falconer Foundation Siebel Brewing Scholarship

Pelican Brewing Company brewer honored with 2019 Falconer Foundation Siebel Brewing Scholarship

Pelican’s R & D brewer Cat Wiest receives the coveted scholarship to the World Brewing Academy in February 2020

Pacific City, Oregon (June 27, 2019)— Pelican Brewing Company brewer, Cat Wiest, is known for brewing beer with a sense of mission and purpose. She’s got an appetite for learning and an innate creativity ideal for innovating award-winning Pelican brews. It is that combination that landed her the coveted 2019 Glen Hay Falconer Foundation Scholarship to the Siebel Institute of Technology World Academy of brewing.

Wiest will be enrolled next February in the World Brewing Academy (WBA) where she will work to earn an International Diploma in the Brewing Technology Program at Siebel Institute of Technology Chicago and Munich campuses.  The International Diploma course is a 12-week comprehensive program intended for brewers seeking an in-depth understanding of the technical aspects and practical application of brewing science and technology. 

Wiest is currently a Research and Development Brewer at Pelican and previously held a number of professional brewing positions at Seabright Brewery, Speakeasy Ales and Lagers, and Pyramid Ales.  She serves on the Pink Boots Society Board of Directors.  Wiest is very involved not only in the national brewing scene but is also a committed citizen in her local community. The Scholarship Selection Committee noted Wiest’s ‘tremendous depth of work experience and life experience including solo trekking the Appalachian Trail.’

“Cat is engaged in brewing, in community, and in living life fully—she is clearly motivated and inspired by all around her,” says the Selection Committee.  “Cat has the potential to do much with the International Diploma scholarship, clearly from the technical side but even more from sharing her knowledge and mentoring others.”

The hallmarks of Pelican Brewing Company beers are quality, consistency, and creativity that combine to create a downright compelling experience. In order to consistently create captivating beer, Pelican annually invests in the intensive continuing education of its brewers and could not be more pleased that one of the Pelican team has earned such a distinct honor.

“Cat brings a perspective and creative point of view that is uniquely her own—she has an abiding interest in brewing process detail and improvement and is passionately interested in learning all she can about brewing science and process,” says Pelican’s founding brewmaster Darron Welch. “I know that Cat has a number of goals for her brewing career that fit well with the Falconer Foundation—she is a deserving recipient of this coveted scholarship and will continue to make invaluable contributions to the brewing industry. We look forward to seeing what innovations and creativity she brings back to the brewery.”

Because of their ongoing education, Pelican brewers have a deeper understanding of the ingredients and process that impact the quality of its popular brews. They know that to really create an unforgettable end product they need to have more than a rote understanding of the sequence of tasks that goes into brewing.

“I am so honored to receive this incredible scholarship—as an R & D brewer, the World Brewing Academy diploma course will give me the reinforcement I need to marry the creative side of brewing with the scientific” says Wiest. “With the responsibility of innovating new recipe ideas, it is more critical than ever for me to fill in the gaps of my education—I am confident this program will spark my creativity in some wonderful new ways!”

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