Pelican Brewing Company imagines beer cuisine
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Pelican Brewing Company imagines beer cuisine

Fellow fanatics, mark your calendars!

Pelican Brewing Company imagines beer cuisine of the Past, Present and Future with three Brewers’ Dinners in 2018

Pelican chefs and brewers team up to celebrate the bounty of Oregon and award-winning beer with three seasonal Brewers’ Dinners in January, April and October

Pacific City, Oregon (January 16, 2018)—Pelican Brewing Company savors the fresh bounty of Oregon with three seasonal Brewers’ Dinners that imagine beer cuisine and pairings of Oregon’s Past, Present and Future. Each Brewers’ Dinner will feature a six-course gourmet meal paired with award-winning Pelican beer, and are $75 per person.  Guests must be at least 21 years old to attend.

The first event, January Brewers’ Dinner, Past, (now sold out) will imagine the cuisine of early Oregon settlers and native fare on the Oregon Coast. Pelican research and development chef, Dan Micolino, was inspired to tell the story of Oregon’s rich culinary history and relationship to the land and bounty of the sea. With sights set on eco-friendly and sustainable fresh foods, Micolino considers the past: what were the practices of our forefathers, who lived off the land? What did they eat, and why? and how was it prepared?

While the first Brewers’ Dinner on January 20th event sold out online in record time, Pelican invites guests to mark their calendars to participate in its next unique dinner events, Present, on April 21st and Future, October 20th. Both events will provide a memorable experience in tasting Pelican’s pioneering beer cuisine and award-winning beer pairings. Reservations are now open for booking here.

“Today on the Oregon Coast we are so lucky to be able to source great quality, eco-friendly seafood and locally-harvested fresh produce—and I wondered to myself, will it always be this way? I wanted to imagine what has changed and what we have to look forward to,” says Dan Micolino, Pelican Brewing Company research and development chef. “Having access to world class fare really inspired me to delve into the harvesting practices and cuisine of our past, how it’s changed, and why, and what we might look forward to in the future—of course all while pairing the perfect Pelican beers with each course. This is going to be a memorable series!”

Present and Future dinners focus on sustainable, eco-friendly cuisine

The Present Brewers’ Dinner takes place at the Pacific City brewpub on April 21st, 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. and will celebrate the current local foods, produce and suppliers we love here and now! How did our current brewpub fare evolve from yesteryear? What’s all the rage at Pelican brewpubs? What beers is Pelican pouring with its fare? Any seasonal beers to taste? The six-course dinner will feature thoughtful beer pairings for each item.

The Future Brewers’ Dinner on Saturday, October 20th features an exploration of future food trends—what will be central to our diets as we navigate sustainability and local production? How will culinary science and technology shape what is on our plates? And how might we pair beers with such future fare?

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For more information on Pelican events email us at, call the events manager at 503.965.3674, or visit us here.

About Pelican Brewing Company

Pelican Brewing Company was founded in 1996 by Jeff Schons and Mary Jones in Pacific City with Oregon’s only oceanfront brewpub. Celebrating its 21st year, the brewing company has created masterpieces like Kiwanda Cream Ale, India Pelican Ale, MacPelican’s Scottish Ale, Tsunami Stout and Doryman’s Dark. With the vision, creativity and brewing expertise of founding brewmaster Darron Welch, Pelican Brewing has won over 450 awards including a Silver Medal at the 2016 Great American Beer Festival, 2014 World Beer Cup© Champion Small Brewing Company and Brewmaster of the Year. Pelican Brewing currently distributes 22oz bottles, 12oz bottles in 6-packs, a new mixed 12-pack, and 50 liter and 20 liter kegs via a network of distributors in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Hawaii. The company operates brewing and brewpub facilities in Pacific City, Tillamook and Cannon Beach.

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