Pelican Brewing Company introduces dynamic new Updrift IPA to core lineup in cans
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Pelican Brewing Company introduces dynamic new Updrift IPA to core lineup in cans

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Pelican Brewing Company introduces dynamic new Updrift IPA to core lineup in cans

Pelican brewers explore the bright, vibrant, tropical side of India Pale Ale and compose the ideal brew to accent any outdoor adventure

Pacific City, Oregon (February 14, 2020)—Pelican Brewing Company takes a hard U-turn from convention with the release of Updrift India Pale Ale—a spirited and vibrant new brew that climbs to new heights of flavor. Pelican brewers composed the consummate expression of adventure-in-a-can when they crafted Updrift IPA. Long on unexpected tropical, stone fruit and citrus punch, Updrift is the perfect companion to punctuate any outdoor escape. Available now—and year-round—in 12 oz. cans, 6-packs, mixed IPA 12-packs, and on-tap at Pelican brewpubs and other participating watering holes.

Drifting against the current, Updrift moves against the grain of predictable flavor, bringing a bright clean hop aroma chock full of tropical, stone fruit and zesty citrus. Underpinned by a foundation of toasty malt, the punchy assertive hops rise upward in a crescendo of flavor, leading to a clean hoppy finish. Atop the dune, the trail or after catching the big wave, bring Updrift on your next adventure and ascend the crest of hop character!

ABV: 7.1%  |  IBU: 70  |  PLATO: 16º

“At Pelican, we honor our outdoor experiences and of course the incomparable beauty of the Oregon Coast so we wanted to imagine the perfect companion beer to adventure with,” says Jason Schlebach, head brewer, Pelican Brewing Company.  “We set out to create a beer that’s as refreshing and unexpected as the environment we’re surrounded by here on the coast. Creating a profile that is great for any outdoor activity really drove us to the drawing board to compose the perfect hop blend. We believe Updrift will become a thirst-quenching favorite on your next adventure.”

Pelican continues to be one of the most decorated breweries in the Pacific Northwest, earning well over 450 medals including several Gold Medals this year alone at the World Beer Cup, Australian International Beer Awards and North American Beer Awards.

Like all Pelican beers, Updrift is born at the beach by a team of award-winning craft beer makers known for brewing styles of beer that they themselves love to drink. Cheers!

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About Pelican Brewing Company

Pelican Brewing Company was born at the beach in 1996. Here, in front of a rundown old building at the water’s edge, stood three enthusiastic young folks whose thirst for great beer overshadowed their understanding of what it would take to build a brewery. They did it anyway. Thanks to the vision of founding owners Jeff Schons and Mary Jones, Oregon’s only beachfront brewpub became one of the state’s most popular destinations. And now 24 years later, Pelican Brewing Company is an iconic beach brand and one of the most decorated craft breweries in Oregon. Pelican has been honored with more than 450 awards including the prestigious 2015, 2016, 2017 Australian International Beer Awards Champion Medium International Brewery; 2014 World Beer Cup Champion Small Brewery; 2013 Great American Beer Festival Large Brewpub of the Year. Why? Pelican brews are playful, but not frivolous. Brewed with purpose, passion and a deep respect for the craft. Pelican operates brewing and brewpub facilities in Pacific City, Cannon Beach, and its state-of-the-craft brewery in Tillamook, Oregon where it brews 40,000 barrels of award-winning beer annually and distributes to six states. Pelican’s vision, its beer and values were born at the beach where the team wakes up each day in a place that reminds them that amazing is possible. Cheers, Fellow Fanatics!

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