People are our strength.
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People are our strength.

People are our strength. 


Nestucca Ridge Family of Companies initiates new $15 per hour policy  

The firm’s companies like Pelican Brewing, Inn at Cape Kiwanda, Headlands Lodge, and all affiliated brands invest in workers; announce summer job openings

Pacific City, Oregon (June 24, 2019)—In an effort to provide more living wage jobs and further invest in the health of Oregon’s North Coast communities, the Nestucca Ridge Family of Companies has initiated a new Living Wage Policy to ensure employees are making a minimum of $15 per hour worked.  This, along with their existing robust package of healthcare benefits, paid-time-off (PTO) and 401K (with employer match) program, provides a good living for every position.

To put that in perspective, the federal minimum wage is just $7.25 an hour and has not been increased since 2009—though there’s a plan afoot to increase it to $15 per hour by 2024. In Oregon, the current minimum wage is $10.75.

According to Mary Jones and Jeff Schons who founded and developed the Nestucca Ridge Family of Companies—including Pelican Brewing Company, the Inn at Cape Kiwanda, Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa, Stimulus, Meridian Restaurant & Bar, and Hart’s Camp—that’s just not enough. They’ve decided to lead the way, offering employees a better living wage—right now.

The company has initiated a new policy to ensure that no employee in the group of companies makes less than $15 per hour (including tips).  With the new tip supplement policy, an employee whose hourly wages + tips fall below $15 per hour worked will get a supplement from the company added onto his or her paycheck.  Non-tipped positions have all been raised to at least $15 hourly wage.

“We consider our team to be a part of our extended family and want them to live happy and healthy lives—that’s a basic core value of ours since we started living and working here in Pacific City nearly 30 years ago,” says Jones. “As one of the larger employers on the coast, we want to lead the way for other employers to consider the benefits of offering living wage jobs—attracting excellent talent, better employee retention, higher morale and better overall customer service.  At the Nestucca Ridge Family of Companies, we’re all in. 100%. It’s the right thing to do.”

According to an article in Conscious Company magazine, “It seems like a winning formula: When workers are paid adequate wages, they’re able to sustain their families, and even to thrive. And employers enjoy myriad benefits when they pay adequate wages: healthier workers, reduced turnover, higher productivity, stronger loyalty, and fewer disciplinary problems, to name a few.”

Ryan Fox came to Pacific City to make a career change from certified veterinary nurse to guest activities coordinator at the new Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa and sees the difference a wage increase can make on team morale and commitment.

“This is another great demonstration of this company’s commitment to their team members—and we really feel the love,” says Fox. “I would tell anyone looking for a job with the Nestucca Ridge Family of Companies that it’s well worth the move to be a part of this team—it’s the difference between working with a squad that’s solid and going to be around for a while versus continually losing good talent. I’m so happy here!”

The team is looking for talented people to fill a variety of career opportunities and summertime jobs. For a list of all current job openings at the Kiwanda Hospitality Group, visit Beach Jobs Calling.

“Our goal is to be the best employer in Oregon’s Coastal communities and invest in the stability, health and longevity of our employees,” says Schons. “We believe this kind of investment in our team will positively impact the entire region.”

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