Inspired by the bounty of the fall harvest, the final entry of Pelican’s 2018 Lone Pelican series features ripe, tart cherries in a ruby-brown colored Belgian-style Dubbel. A deeply complex malt character of toffee, caramel, cocoa and dark chocolate provides the foundation while bright tart cherries add the highlights. Belgian-style Abbey yeast creates gentle fruity aromatics that underscore the malt and cherry contributions. A dry, warming finish caps off a smoothly full-bodied beer. The layers of complementary flavors create a deeply satisfying ending to this year’s fruit beer series.

  • 7.9%
  • 18
  • 17°
  • Ingredients:

    Two row malt, Abbey malt, Montmorency cherries, Dark Candi syrup D2, Aramis hops, Abbey type ale yeast

    • Dark Ruby Brown Color
    • Layered Tart Cherry Character
    • Complex Caramel-toffee Malt Flavor
    • Cocoa-like Roastiness