Our second entry in the Lone Pelican series is a rare German variation on Weissbier called Roggenbier. Named for and inspired by one of our brewers, Hurdy Gurdy uses malted rye in place of malted wheat to create a beer that is decidedly malty and spicy. With an aromatic nose of fruity character from the German style yeast, spicy character from the rye and floral notes from the Hersbrucker hops, Hurdy Gurdy finishes well attenuated and soft in the finish.

  • 4.8%
  • 15
  • 11°
  • Ingredients:

    Six-row malt, malted rye, Hersbrucker hops, pure local water, pure Bavarian ale yeast

    • Gold Color, Unfiltered
    • Spicy Rye Character
    • Banana-like Fruitiness
    • Soft Malty Finish