Some of the most delicious and plentiful berries from the Pacific Nothwest are red raspberries. Imagining the perfect beer to highlight this glorious fruit led to a lighter touch with malt and hops, letting the raspberries shine through. Raspberried at Sea starts with a base beer inspired by the Tripels of Belguim, then layers on color and flavor with immense amounts of raspberries and carefully selected Abbey-type ale yeast. With a light color topped by pink-hued foam, and an aroma and flavor that layers bright raspberry flavor with Abbey yeast and light malt flavor, Raspberried at Sea brings to mind a sparkling rosé.

  • 9%
  • 25
  • 18°
  • Ingredients:

    Mt. Hood hops, Two row malt, White Sugar, Red Raspberries, pure local water, ale yeast

    • Pink Hued Foam
    • Tart Raspberry Character
    • Layers of Fruity Complexity
    • Bright, Refreshing Finish