Short Days Long Nights is a beer brewed to protest the coming of Winter and the onset of dark, chilly, drizzly weather. To counter the prevailing conditions, we have crafted a beer that takes flavor cues from the classic cocktail Dark’N Stormy. A dark amber color sets the stage for an aroma of deep caramel, citrus and hints of ginger. The richness of caramel follows through in the flavor, with a subtle tartness in the finish from lime. A hint of sweetness and a touch of ginger spiciness make for a cold weather beer that can vicariously transport you to a tropical sailboat.

  • 7.5%
  • 20
  • 17°
  • Ingredients:

    Two row malt, Caramel 75, Candi syrup, Eldorado hops, lime peel, ginger, pure ale yeast, pure coastal water

    • Hints of Ginger Spice
    • Slight Lime Tartness
    • Notes of Rich Caramel
    • Dark Amber Color