We give a lot of love to the sunsets out here on the coast, but a good coastal sunrise is really something special. It takes dedication to witness one, and it’s something you won't soon forget. Skyryze pale ale is similar in its bold malt character coming from Oregon-malted rye and its earthy and floral hop aroma. The experience continues with notes of pumpernickel and a slight rustic spice, as well as a moderate hoppy bitterness. Finishing clean and crisp on the palate, this beer is delightfully drinkable. Be bold. Watch a sunrise. Drink a Skyryze.

  • 6.1%
  • 35
  • 14°
  • Ingredients:

    Two row malt, C-15 malt, Mecca Grade Rimrock Rye malt, Magnum hops, Fuggle hops, Golding hops, pure ale yeast, pure coastal water

    • Earthy Hops and Caramel Maltiness
    • Notes of Pumpernickel and Rustic Spice
    • Floral Undertones
    • Rounded Grain Flavor