Wave hello to your new favorite seasonal sipper, Wingwave. This Dry-Hopped Lager plays with a new innovative hop variety, Lorien, which is grown and processed just a quick flight away in the beloved Willamette Valley. This unfiltered lager is on full display, highlighting the unique characteristics of this intriguing hop. Catch the wave that crescendos with floral and citrus aromas and flavors. It’s a misty coastal sunset in a glass with zesty aromas of lemon peels, notes of spice, and a refreshingly crisp finish that will leave you lingering on the patio for one more pint as the sun and the pelicans say goodnight.

  • 5%
  • 50
  • 11.5°
  • Ingredients:

    Two-Row Malt, Goldpils Malt, Magnum Hops, Lorien Hops, Pure Lager Yeast, Pure Coastal Water

    • Lemon-like Hop Aroma
    • Floral Hop Flavors
    • Incredibly Crisp, Refreshing Finish